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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fee Fie Foe Fum I smell the blood of an english man (Keith Nixon)

I was curious about Nixon and his frame of reference regarding yesterdays post. Here's what I found. I mean I guess I get it. Keith Nixon has been writing since he was a child. In fact some of his friends (& his wife) say he's never really grown up. Keith is currently gainfully employed in a senior sales role for a UK based high-tech company meaning he gets to use his one skill, talking too much. He's a salesman for a tech outfit who writes fictional accounts regarding police. I'ma ex-cop who attended and studied sex offenders at the FBI's National Academy. I chased down rapists and put them away. I lived it and write from my experiances. . .
Thanks for your time and interest President, oh sorry . . . Mr. Nixon!

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