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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How does it feel to be an ex-cop and once a part of the problem?

Always the first question at book signings. I was fortunate to have worked in another time and place. I mean . . . it wasn't the shoot first ask questions later deal. I always embraced the Community Based Model where you're a part of the community and not above it. In prior posts an officer called me out for being a part of the 'educated problem'. He was a veteran hell-bent on coming home every night and didn't shy away from the use of force. I made an attempt at educating him but ran into a wall. Then techology arrived and changed the game. I was saying all along it, technology, was going to be a game changer but he wouldn't have it. Pretty hard to say a guy was branishing a knife and threatening you when the video doesn't show it. 16 rounds later and a year under investigation until a judge demands the release of the video. The Chicago's Mayor is jumping up and down yammering on and on about change now. Anything to keep his job. Then we have Officer Slager pumping 8 rounds into the back of a man claiming they had fought over a taser. Once the video lands in the Station the investigators changed their tune. The guy shooting the video was afraid to go to the police. Can ya blame him? Community Based Policing is on the way back or at least we can only hope so. Remember . . . those who serve and protect you should be assertiveand not agressive.

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