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Friday, January 8, 2016

One Star Review for JusThis

Keith Nixon rated it one star out of fivedid not like it
Charles ‘Badge’ Pullet is a policeman in the small town of Normal. All his life he’s wanted to be on the force and to wear the badge. But Badge has a problem, the Urge, which affects his judgement, drawing him into deeper predicaments even as he rises through the ranks.

The Urge impacts others around him, his wife, his Deputy, and the women he targets, among others. For a small town Normal has some large personalities from which nothing good can come.

This was a seriously disappointing novel, a strange mix of bland ‘thriller’, police procedure ,and trashy erotic novel, although I suspect the latter was unintended.
Ya gotta consider everything in life. I mean you have to be realistic . . . the old 'You can't please Everyone all of the Time so please Some of the Folks some of the Time' deal. Anyways, this review is from a reader who I got the feeling enjoys straight thrillers where there is a good guy who saves the world. That sort of thing. JusThis is, or at least was intended as a piece of Social Fiction . . . where I drew on  my personal experiences as having been a cop. If you like Thrillers checkout Clive Clussler or perhaps John Stanford. JusThis takes a shot at rape and its ugly ramifications and in no way can be considered an erotic novel in any sense of the word. To be sure . . . it's not a Harlequin Romance but it had to be told. One girl from Nebraska had an experiance with a cop and her feedback was worth a million one star reviews. Like I say, knowledge is our only hope my friends. Knowledge. 

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