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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Whos Winning and Angst

Who's Winning? The Good Guy . . . The Bad Guy . . . no wait . . . who is the Good Guy? This relates to yesterdays post. No I can't claim to be loved and appreciated by all those I dealt with as a police officer. This post from YouTube is an example . . .

Ah yes, Curt Rude who was fired for possessing Oxycontin that he took from the police evidence room. He feels he should've gotten a break, yet insisted on handing out felonies for cannabis use every chance he got.  Now he's getting drunk.

Piece of shit. 
Yes Billy B. I did arrest you for your marijuana growing operation. I was a cop and that's what cops do. They don't make the rules . . . they enforce them fairly. Yes I do like red wines. Whites are too sweet for me. Intoxicated? I have no idea whether I hit the .08 mark or not but am feeling drinking a red isn't illegal. Do you know something I don't? Finally . . . you're correct . . . I know first hand about False Arrests, Prosecutorial Misconduct and Wrongful Convictions. Fortunately I wasn't convicted, though I get the feeling you're not happy with that. I was terminated because I decided not to play the game any longer. Your mother was at my book signing and purchased JusThis. Read it . . . ya just might learn something.
At my home away from home. Man, I've been checked for explosives, patted down and x-rayed. Was caught with a knife (ouch). Anyways, keep up the good work TSA - we're depending on you.