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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Actually 'Brand of Justice' is a work of fiction!

"Cops having a Hard Days Night.":
Just left previous post but wnated you to know I loved JusThis. Slow start but boy did it pick up. I got it out of the library and loved it. My library doesn't have a copy of Brand of Justice but I'm going to pick one up. Thanks for the stories!

Love them. Keep them coming

on May 9, 2015
Can I just open with saying I haven't read the book yet, but not for lack of not wanting too. But when I first met Curt and he and I talked, tragedy hadn't struck my life and I haven't had the focus to read it yet. But I'm so honored that I met Curt, I can't wait till my life is back in a place of wholeness so I can read the book and give my honest review. Curt offered to send me a copy of his first book, but again, I had a tragedy in my life and turned away from the cyberworld for a while. So Curt if you happen to read this review, Remember ME, Barbara, The girl that wants to give you a Rude Awakening, lol. I hope by summer's end I will be able to sit down, relax, and open Brand Of Justice! Good reviews on it so far!!!

Mr Rude's keen sense for detail has the reader immersed within the scene every step of the way..."Brand of Justice" is going to create a Brobdingnagian impact in the murder/mystery scene! The plot, one thinks at first is spelled out, until ah-ha! Nope, not what you'd expect...there it went and twisted and turned again. Between the completely enthralling storyline and the truth of the matter of things in law enforcement that no one else but Mr Rude has the guts to reveal, "Brand of Justice" is undeniably, hands-down a must read and you won't put it down til you're done!

Fiction? Reads like nonfiction, sorta scary! Cops like this are in the headlines more and more each day. Must read.

on September 8, 2015
So turns out I'm very familiar with the Hicks case. For him to be portrayed as innocent in any way whatsoever makes this a work of fiction. The author should be ashamed of himself for trying to sensationalize a monster who murdered, and ended up admitting to it, a 3 year old little girl. The state of Montana stands by and protects his children, so to think Hicks got an unfair "brand of justice" for murdering a 3 year old is absurd. This is sickening.

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