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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Discussions with Don

Did you die as you have not posted to your blog?

Been AWOL but planning on getting after it.

Discussions with Don went like this. He owned three farms and had a life including being married and building and flying aerobatic aircrafts. Found out his wife was cheating on him with his best friend so he lost it and smashed the guy in the face with a pipe. He lost most of his teeth, sued Don and won 350 thousand ending Don's life. What do you folks think of that?

Got this message. Love the idea of creativity and remember me in my soon to be dire condition if ya win the lottery.

Nothing has changed much
I have been mixed on what to write on. I would come up with a topic and then couldn't go anywhere with it. I finally have it. You know Austin. Plenty of material here. It looks like you moved? Good for you. I'm hoping for a lottery ticket or maybe this book might do it. Take care.

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  1. Well if I were Don I would have just laughed and walked away from the bitch/wife. Obviously not his soul mate and the man she is fucking is a low life and he wouldn't be worth my energy to whip his ass. Plus I hate jail and law suits. The food is not that good although the rent is free. Been there done that. My advice for Don is you can start your life or even your day over at anytime with a change of attitude. His life is over, lol, at least you don't have CANCER. He used a metal pipe right? It is the 4th of July and we are losing so many to the glass pipe now but they can't sue anybody as they self destruct. I do miss Curt's unique ability to create art with his words and enjoy reading his takes on everything. Hopefully he will return soon. For me any type of art, writing or music is exactly like love. You can't force it to happen. It is a conscious choice. It takes work and sometimes alone time. I know Curt will be back at his craft soon or maybe he will start another chapter in his life. One thing is for sure he will keep us wanting more. I miss the wild pictures of his travels as we have been unable to travel due to health reasons. Does it get me down? No because there will be a day when I can travel again. Seattle, San Diego,Denver,San Fransisco, Chicago, NYC and back home to the Great Midwest. Going to be a hell of a road trip.