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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Not Enough Good Will

Alrighty then. Time to kick this pig. I'm at SeaTac International and a guy is standing in front of the bus flipping this driver off. The driver is totally patient and waits for the 'game' to get old. The finger flasher finally moves on. I'm like...you totally played it right my friend. He's like man I'm having a bad day and I said I dunno, you're my hero. Ya see . . . if ya share good will, your own day is going to be better.

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  1. Well finally you surface and this was the best you could do? For the record there was 71 people killed with guns in Chicago in November and 701 so far this year and no response from you. How about picking what is left of your brain and fill us in on your thoughts.

    You Know who.