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Monday, December 12, 2016

Odds and Sods.

1) Rumor has it the only reason you are in Colorado is so that you can use Pot to help you write another stupid book on crime doers. I think maybe they are correct because mountain climbing at your age is showing you are trying too hard to be macho man. I check your blog everyday and I see nothing of importance. I refuse to Facebook  so I guess I am missing out on a lot of stuff about your exploits. What? Me being macho and pulling off exploits?

2) I know it is hard writing books, but how about keeping your fans on the edge of their seats.

Shut off your Body Cam, take off your bullet proof vest, put down your favorite traffic writing pen and input some thoughts to this blog or do the right thing and shot it in the head. Hey, I love the tone of this comment.

3) Right On! My hats off to ya for the comment. Many are too frightened to be heard. I don't wear a hat but you get the pciture right? This in response to a comment suporting individuals and their right to protest as in Colin Kaepernick. 

4) I do miss Curt's unique ability to create art with his words and enjoy reading his takes on everything. Hopefully he will return soon. For me any type of art, writing or music is exactly like love. You can't force it to happen. It is a conscious choice. It takes work and sometimes alone time. I know Curt will be back at his craft soon or maybe he will start another chapter in his life. One thing is for sure he will keep us wanting more. I miss the wild pictures of his travels as we have been unable to travel due to health reasons. Does it get me down? No because there will be a day when I can travel again. Seattle, San Diego,Denver,San Fransisco, Chicago, NYC and back home to the Great Midwest. Going to be a hell of a road trip. This is what it's really all about. I mean taking a bite out of this apple called life. I'd rather wear out than rust away. I'd love to end up with you at the Whiskey a GO GO. Writing is art Good insight.

5) My guess you will be on a jury because you are a world famous author and they are really stupid to call you for jury duty.

I hope they pick you for some of the drug dudes that ask for a jury trial. I hope they make you the foremen too.

Go get them my friend and be sure to write a book about you experience as a jury foremen.

And no worries about the free book as I will pay for one just like I did for the other 2 books that you still have not signed. Yes I was indeed called for jury duty but was never seated. Oh well. 


  1. Well it is about time for you to show up. The Donut Connection is gone and so are you. It was replaced with a Taco Joint. Local history place gone just like the home where I was born and lived for 21 years, Bulldozed to ashes and so I can no longer go back to the place of so many memoirs, so I have to write those stories so the grand-kids will know their roots. Being the oldest member of extended family carries a great burden as the family history source.

    -7F in MN and 55F as the sun comes up in AZ. Hope to connect some time before I get planted and the voice of reason is silenced.

    You Know WHO

  2. Ahhh a kindred spirit. I have to pick up a copy of your book by the way. If I show up in arizona I'll give ya a shout. I thought your were into historical writing and I was the keeper of the voice of reason. What gives? Anyways, I'm headed to Utah for bike riding and what not in the next couple of weeks.