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Monday, December 5, 2016



  1. It's a court room. What don't you understand?
    You know who

  2. A Youngstown (Ohio) Firefighter was shot last night around 2315 hours. The Firefighter was on scene of a single family dwelling fire when reports are that the Firefighter was hit by a drove-by shooter.
    The firefighter was shot while he was riding in the fire apparatus just as crews were leaving the scene of the Elm Street call.
    Reports are that the shooter was in the driveway of a home on Halleck Street and began shooting at the truck that was driving by. That's when the firefighter was hit as the bullet went through the door of the truck. Cops believe the shooter used a rifle.
    Youngstown police also say the suspect fled on foot, and a Mercedes SUV was also seen in the area and police are actively looking for that vehicle. The condition of the firefighter is unknown at this time, as are the circumstances of the incident.

    So it is not only cops that are being shot at. The Boys in Red are taking a hit also. It is not GUNS it is the nut cases behind the trigger. Education at an early age it what is needed. Where are all the guys that became FATHERS and took NO active part in the education of their off spring. They left it to the educational system to do their job and those teachers did not have the time or patience to handle the task. Sperm Donators overwhelming the welfare lifelines is the leading cause of gun violence in this GREAT COUNTRY.

    You Know WHO

  3. But does the gun not make the nut more lethal? Can our system truly vet a background? How about we let everyone keep their beloved weapons but we outlaw bullets. Founding fathers had nothing to day about that did they?