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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Answers as Promised from recent Comments on This Blog

Weaker sex is a poor choice of words in my estimation. How about a person of lesser stature? Other than that I find your post very interesting.
Okay, so we agree. Good point. 'Weaker sex' is no doubt cliche, but oh come on man, ''lesser stature'? We both best just call 'em girls, gals, senioritas, women, ladies etc! 

We are all Americans. I hate hearing titles like Afro-Americans, Latino-Americans, Jewish-Americans, and even Native-Americans. Drop the first part of these labels. Just say I am an American PERIOD. When this titles are used they divide who we are FIRST AND FOREMOST,

It is past the time to stop singling out groups of people that divide the population into small groups as it helps cause people to fight each other.

Americans First and respect those that fight for our freedoms and protect us everyday. Vets, First Responders, Police, Firefighters of all race & colors need our respect, thanks for doing a job while putting their live on the line for all people and believe me their lives matter too.
Amen, I agree . It's like now a big time issue that some individuals in Chicago got charged with a 'hate crime' because they assaulted a fella and mentioned not liking him or something. Is that necessary? Can't we just call an assault an assault and move forward? Nope I guess not. Now we got to make a special crime for special groups. What'd ya think?

Curt, do you live in Austin Texas???? If so we would love to have you at one of our book club meetings.
Nope, I do not live in the lone star state. I do globe trot some. Message me contact info and I'll notify you when I land in Texas the next time. I love discussing my stories with interested folks.   

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