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Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh C'mon man, I'm learning.

I realize I have not exactly been a right to own and carry advocate. Then along comes an armed citizen in Goodyear, Arizona. He askes a trooper if he needs help and then proceeds to shoot and kill the troopers attacker. Man, if ever there is an argument for guns in America. . . this is it.


  1. Learning??? You called it right with the guy killing them people in florida. You said a long time ago on this blog soldiers come back from wars touched. good call curt.

  2. I too am glad that the trooper survived, but I have a few questions. Before I ask them, I do not believe the Good Samaritan Citizen should be charged with any crime. That being said, why did he shoot him? Was he still armed? At that point it sounds like there were other people there to assist, could they not have subdued the man? Like I pointed out earlier, I don't believe the citizen hero should be charged with any crime, I am just wondering. Thoughts...