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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Curt Rude Answers Comment from Yesterday

Judgment of others is a dangerous thing. There is a need for judgment or there would be lawlessness, on the other hand judgment of others because they are different is, well, just that... different. What every happened to respect? Respect of others, respect of oneself, respect of life... different times, scary times.

It is upon us to improve The Justice System to insure those who are judged are judged correctly. Nothing worse than a false arrest - coerced confession - wrongful incarceration.


  1. Curt, many thanks for the excerpt. I loved it. You put effort into the story-line! You could have went the easy route but no, like a true novelist, you took the difficult path. Surprises were the result. New direction for your readers and they are going to appreciate it. Many Thanks - Chuck

  2. Justice for some but not for all, that seems to be the more common theme in our country. How many people could make false claims and break laws and not be held accountable? There are some that it appears are above the law. Wrongfully accused, not represented, invisible citizens all deserve justice.