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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kicking a Girl when she's Down

We all have an inkling that all's not well with our Criminal Justice System in the good old United States. Stuff like; iffy cop shootings, false arrests, malicious prosecutions, wrongful incarcerations and on and on and on. So the daughter of a nonviolent drug dealer who is serving life in prison wants to reunite her family - right? So there are 'those people' who have long since been divorced from any empathy what-so-ever and get to tossing around negative comments. Wow. I'm not stunned, having written a book about this. . . but I am seething. Check it out and if ya have time, leave a positive comment. Oh come on, we all have it in us. Click Away


  1. So now you're a crusade to stomp out negative comments in the world. good luck old boy read your sample by the way nice!

  2. I would agree to having him be let out. We should concentrate on rehabilitation anyways. I also just heard on the news that a man convicted of sexual assault was only given 1 yr and 5 yrs probation. There seems to be a disconnect between the punishment and crimes here.