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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This from Jerimie Hicks (Serving 100 years in Montana).

Please read the following passage from Jerimie.

It only takes a second for things to go wrong - you can never get it back again. True character comes out in the darkest moments of struggle. Only after feeling horrific pain did I see the justice system for what it is. An evil puppet show, where prosecuting attorneys hold all the strings. They get to prance around, play on emotion, twist and destroy truths in their lust for convictions. Only those stained by the "Justice Puppet Show" will ever understand. Brand of Justice does happen!

We've considered one opinion yesterday. Little different from today, isn't it? Both statements ring with true emotion and heartfelt feelings. My style of writing comes from understanding and shedding light on issues. I am not in it to push my agenda and get so and so. I am in it to understand. To build on the truth of the matter for a better tomorrow. What about suicide bombers? My latest story attempts to understand the person behind the violence. My place on earth does not involve name calling and judging. Brand of Justice was written about wrongful incarcerations. If you think that doesn't happen Google away. The story has the perfect murders in it. I know because I asked Mayo medical staff and a captain from the Chicago area if the story was plausible.

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  1. An eye for an eye buddy. You are an ex-cop, you get soft in old age??? Someone kills then someone dies. Enough said?!?