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Friday, March 17, 2017

Now Hear This

Curt, many thanks for the excerpt. I loved it. You put effort into the story-line! You could have went the easy route but no, like a true novelist, you took the difficult path. Surprises were the result. New direction for your readers and they are going to appreciate it. Many Thanks - Chuck

Well many thanks to you, Chuck, for taking the time. I know you, as well as all authors are busy souls. I appreciate it. I'd like to also thank RLW Editorial Services for never giving up. Many hours of haggling, but a story was told. . . that had to be told.


  1. Curt, can I read the story for you? I'm old but full of vigor! I read your first two books!

  2. Sure, have at it, and many thanks for the interest. I put instructions on the top of this page as to how to hit up the sample reads.

  3. Intriguing start to what looks like a great story. Interesting to say the least. Nice website to boot. Glad to have met you on the coast. Go fly a kite! I have to launch my next story soon. Real soon.