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Friday, May 19, 2017

Chelsea Manning

Do Secrets Corrupt and Absolute, Cross My Heart and Hope to Die Secrets Corrupt Absolutely? Aren't better Governments, to a certain degree, based on the Freedom of the Press, the ability of sharing Thoughts and Concerns; Destination The Truth? First the Fear of Getting Sued totally silenced many followed up with this Chelsea Manning Kind of Thing. When I was writing The Boy in the Vest, many times soldiers would swear me to secrecy because of fears over what the military would do to them. Well have a good weekend and keep your mouth shut and your head down, be the lamb, not the lion, because you could be next.

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  1. Even if you tell the truth sometimes, it doesn't end up right. Hard to believe that the person in charge of our government lives in an altered state of reality. Other Governments don't even trust anymore.