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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Officer Mohamed Nor

This question from Troy yesterday. What's your take on this last police shooting?

I haveta assume this was an accidental killing. Dark alley, loud bang and then the gun goes off. However them cops are making it hard for juries to continue to find 'em innocent. Now we have a cop taking the 5th. Strange times indeed. Matters to consider. . .

Now that a black cop has gunned down an unarmed, pajama clad, white woman, is the black community going to get riled up?

Are our communities recruiting assertive, and not aggressive folks, to police America's streets?

Should officers be held accountable for their mistakes as others are? For example, truck drivers are routinely cited for log book infractions after accidents, even if is not their fault, as in being rear-ended?

Do cops know how to play the system, as in pleading the 5th in the interest of self-preservation? I mean every time a common citizen does the same thing everyone plays the assume game i.e. they're guilty.

If this lady was armed as per the NRA's mandate, would she be alive today?

Are common folks ever going to really give a damn until their ox is gored or shot?

Has America become the next 'Killing Field'?

Who is going to be the next gunned down citizen?

Rest assured law and order types, the jury will find this cop innocent.

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