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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Scapegoat - Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau

Well I guess ya heard it here first, looks like the Minneapolis PD, in its race to be snuggly-feely, appointed a young man from Somalia to its force. Did that really have anything to do with Justine Ruszczyk being gunned down? One would have to peek at the recruiting and training records. Proof is in the pudding. Did Mayor Betsy Hodges almost grin during her press conference? Yikes. Where do we go from here? A jury could perhaps convict Officer Mohamed Nor. But wait, are some going to feel that the officer who got off for shooting Philando Castile was acquitted because Castile was black? Nor is black man, is that why a jury will finally reach a verdict? Oh, and Nor isn't talking, nobody had body cameras on, and the mums word from the police as usual.

Well one things for sure, most of us really don't care, unless it's our loved ones being gunned down. Praise be to the community activists who are demanding change. Gotta love 'em, because they are our only hope for better policing in the future.


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