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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Answer #28 Tons of post radio interview questions!!!

#1 Is the book out on Nook yet? The book is under review for whatever that means by Barnes and Noble and I think they are waiting on the printed version before taking orders.

#2 Will you sign my printed version? I will sign each and every book presented to me because I think you, each and everyone of you, are awesome to have read my book. Many of you have been gifts to this thing called my life. I thank you.

#3 Is Mankato close enough for you to meet up with our Readers Group? I am planning to take my Tour de Franzia to as many towns as I can fit into my schedule. Are you reading this Josh Benson? - Miami???

#4 Are you going to have a book signing in Austin? I might have some kind of get together out at the Holiday Inn or something. Let me know if you have any ideas.

#5 I missed the radio interview, why didn't you let me know? I am going to post the radio interview on this blog in a couple of days (I hope, if the computer will let me).

#6 Who the F _ _ K do you think you are to write your B_ _ L S _ _ T? Austin has had enough of you, go live somewhere else you thief. I think I am Curt Rude and I believe whole heartily that I have earned the right to write this book. If the thief comment is directed towards me because an individual who thought nothing of lying to his wife, children, coworkers, girlfriends and on and on falsely accused me of a crime I didn't commit, well lets just agree to disagree. Sorry about editing out some of your naughty language. I think I left enough in there for people to get the flavor of your question. Oh. I almost forgot, I'll live where I damn will please. Sorry if the naughty language is offensive.

#7 How come I can't find you on my iPhone? I am currently waiting on a cover that meets the iStore requirements, so remember patience is a virtue as my wife reminded me last night. It'll be in the iStore soon, I promise.

#8 Why can't I get a printed copy on Amazon? Same deal, you can't get a printed copy yet because of the cover issue.

#9 Our school district and children are better off now that your buddies voted your felony a _ _ off the board. Ha Ha. Me's detecting some anger in this question, get a hold of yourself, no sense in stroking out. That would not be good. Anyways, you used the word felony in the wrong context, it should have been felonious. I would of made the same mistake in a prior life so don't sweat it. I am still thanked by employees of School District 492 for the wonderful job I did for them. When the Superintendent,  Dave Krenz, who I worked hard to get hired by the district told the media he was very disappointed in the courts lack of sentencing in my matter, that hurt. That actually hurt really bad. But, if it don't kill ya, it'll only make you stronger. So yes, our children are in a better place because of me, Ha Ha!

#10 How much is the book going to cost? I really feel that this story had to be told. Suicide,a corrupt mayor, school superintendent out of control and on and on. So I managed to pull off the low price of 3.99 for ebooks and around $7 bucks for the printed version!

#11 Do you like writing, are you going to do another book? I've already got the next piece of this saga ready to pound out. I love writing and living in my dreams, not my past. 

Look man, I try and answer one question a day but wow. As is the deal from the get go, I take each and every question in order and bang out an answer. I fully respect your privacy, all of you, my lovers as well as my, well my unlovers. Remember, you can post directly on this board, I do not know your identity and even if I did it would not alter my behavior one iota. As an officer of the law I had disagreements with people all the time. I mean, no big deal. Lets continue to live and let live. Right? The first individual to person up and post a question on this blog gets a free copy of my book. Deal. 

Well folks enough questions for today. Keep them coming at curtrude@hotmail.com Love - Curt    

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