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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Term 'Hero" Undone

Some of us point to the police as our hometown hero's. How about firefighters anyone? Perhaps a priest will do. I suppose some claim soldiers are hero's. Then all of a sudden Bowe Burgdahl lands in the White House before finding himself in front of a Military Tribunal. If Bowe prevails in court do we reassign him to the "Real Hero" class of hero's?

I'm slightly confused here, but at least one thing is for certain . . . the birth of a new term. Now bonified heroic individuals are referred to as "Real Hero's". Funny how that happened. Must of had something to do with those so adapt at dishing out misinformation.

So when someone points at you and says you're a hero. Be careful. It could be an insult. 

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  1. I served for more than 34 years in the public sector and proud to say I saved a few people from the final end of life on this planet. No questions asked other than a heart felt thank you. I was over worked and yes underpaid at times, however I got up every morning and did the job I was trained to do.

    I never received any metals for my service and I would have a hard time accepting them.

    I enjoy my retirement and look back on the good times.

    Recently I was dressed down by a citizen claiming that all police and firefighters are a waste of public funds as they could never handle a REAL JOB. My public live values kicked in and I thanked the person for their service in paying for my pension and this made them even more in-raged. I guess it has something to do with this being a leap election year.

    How soon 9/11 heroes are forgotten.