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Friday, March 10, 2017

Praise be for Restorative Justice

When did you start this place. It is right next to Skokie.

A fine gentleman who hails outta Chicagoland asked the question. Man what a place. It's about turning ones back on the Court of Public Opinion and giving folks a second chance. Restorative Justice. Want to know what the Court of Public Opinion is all about? Ask Casey Anthony. A wise man once said "Judge not . . . least thee be judged."

Funny, I also received a photo of 'Curt's Trail' in Arizona on the same day. Curt's must be running all around this great land.

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  1. Judgement of others is a dangerous thing. There is a need for judgement or there would be lawlessness, on the other hand judgement of others because they are different is, well, just that... different. What every happened to respect? Respect of others, respect of oneself, respect of life... different times, scary times.